I enjoy writing and have had the good fortune to share essays I’ve written.

Recent work:

The Most Useful Phrase for a Lasting Relationship, The Good Men Project

Podcasts are your Next True Love (A Top 5 List), Mamalode

Essays about motherhood:

Battle Hymn of the Good Enough Mother, Good Mother Myth

Do French Kids Really Eat Everything? BlogHer.com

4 Steps to Raising a Free-Range Family, Natural Parents Network

Mothers in Arms, Natural Parents Network

5 Lessons My Kids Taught Me, Natural Parents Network

Operation Unpink, Natural Parents Network

Practice Makes Better, Natural Parents Network

On Telling My Kids the Truth, Natural Parents Network

Making a Molehill Out of a MountainRhythm of the Home

Spring AdventuresRhythm of the Home

Call of the Summer Wild: Cultivating a Love of NatureRhythm of the Home

A Made from Scratch Life City Kids Homeschooling

Health and wellness:

4 Questions to Ask Before Starting Antibiotics, MindBodyGreen.com

FOOD! I love it, and here’s some proof:

Dirt CupsRhythm of the Home

HaystacksRhythm of the Home

Homemade Cheese CrackersRhythm of the Home

I am by no means a DIY genius. Here’s a time I got lucky by accident:

Best Kids Parties: Garden Tea Party, ApartmentTherapy.com