I love to read even more than I love to write. In light of my recent decision to (mostly) abandon Facebook, I wanted to create a happy place on the Internet where I could come read good stuff (p.s. I still love you Twitter & Instagram). In this space I will share my favorite things I’ve found, except for blogs, which I keep a list of on Bloglovin’. Let me know your favorites too!

Smartypants on the Web:

A place where Tim Urban writes “about his psychological shortcomings,” among other topics.

Brain Pickings
A 21st-century web library, described by founder Maria Popova as a “human-powered discovery engine for interestingness.”

Magazines on the Web:

The New Yorker
Contributors: Maria Konnikova, David Sedaris, Patricia MarxMeghan Daum, Lena Dunham

The New York Times
Columns:  Modern Love & Motherlode; Contributors: Bruce Feiler, Gail Collins

The Atlantic
Contributors: James ParkerConor Friedersdorf, Hanna Rosin

Humor on the Web:

The Rumpus
If you’re a newb, you can binge-read the 98 editions of Dear Sugar like I did.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

The Onion

The Oatmeal

Motherhood on the Web:

Literary Mama




 My review of books on writing


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