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I am pretty much always telling people what I like. However, I tend to be someone who forgets what I like very quickly (because I’m ENFP/”a goldfish”). Thus, part of the fun for me in posting this newsletter of sorts is that it provides a shorthand guide later on when I want to tell people in person what they should read/listen to/eat. It’s nice to have an external place to download items from my brain. You can catch up on previous posts in this series here.

Read: New Yorker edition

The Matter of Black Lives by Jelani Cobb, the New Yorker

In Living Color by Emily Nussbaum, the New Yorker

The Perfect Fit by David Sedaris, the New Yorker (via Nina Badzin’s great advice column on HerStories)


Terry Gross’ interview with Larry Wilmore. I spoke with an always-thought-provoking uncle the other day about Wilmore’s Correspondents’ Dinner comedy. I wasn’t surprised he felt differently about the tone and style of the event than I did. I’m a big fan of Larry Wilmore, and I respect that art is art. This next statement is not a direct dig at my uncle, but I believe white people in general, and especially white men, should listen more and weigh in with their opinions less.

Another from Fresh Air, which I listened to twice because I liked it so much, is her interview with Samantha Bee (favorite moment was the discussion about the “wrongiest wronghead” congressman)

I’m digging Mark Maron’s WTF podcast lately. 700+ episodes in, and he’s really hit his stride. The past three I heard, Louie CK/Julia Louis-Dreyfus, & Rob Reiner, were fantastic.

Lena Dunham’s Woman of the Hour, which I think is over but I hope she does more (my favorite episode is #2 about the body with Lola Pellegrino, a women’s health NP)

Another Round: try their interview with Padma Lakshmi (review on The Guardian)


Snap Judgment’s storytelling lessons.


Donald Trump: Your Drunk Neighbor (sorry, can’t recall who first showed me this clip!)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. If you don’t get HBO, you can also watch long segments on YouTube.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS

Narcos on Netflix. It’s got subtitles. And highly gratuitous nudity. But it’s great!

Nora Ephron: Everything is Copy, HBO documentary by her son. Another one I watched twice!


Take this tip from a Georgian: next to the melted white queso served in Mexican restaurants across the south (but much to my oft-repeated dismay, inexplicably unheard of across New England), pimento cheese is the best spreadable cheese concoction around. Pretty much any recipe will do, as there’s not much to it, but word is that the best around is offered at the Masters golf tournament in Augusta. We’ll have to take their word for it though because it’s top secret, but here’s an attempt at a knockoff that went over well at Vivi’s 8th birthday party a few weeks ago.

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