Boxelder, which is often confused for poison ivy when small, but never by us campers, who know both very well. At camp we adored a boxelder for housing our beloved tire swing.

I would say I was compelled to come back here to tell you something deeply moving, but what actually happened is I finally took some pictures with a camera that wasn’t my phone and then in the same day downloaded them to my computer, and I felt this extraordinary yet ordinary moment required chronicling.

This is not to say it’s necessarily a problem that I never plug in my ancient digital SLR to the computer any more. I’m well aware the clear victor in our times is the digital image that doesn’t even require downloading, let alone printing. Notice we call them images now instead of photos? But even so. Add me to the list of dinosaurs who misses flipping through a stack of just developed photos.

Version 2
Eastern Redcedar (“Red Juniper”), for which one of my favorite birds, the Cedar Waxwing, is named

In case you’re keeping track of the tally of unusual behaviors of the day, you can put one more: that I took the time to try to remember my password to this blog, which is even more atypical of me lately. A month or so back, my Chrome browser decided to forget all my passwords, which has become a decided– albeit accidental– indicator of how much I care about certain parts of the Internet. I can tell you, for example, that I haven’t returned to Facebook since the fateful day of lost passwords. But on the other hand, I have come back to Instagram, Twitter, and somewhat reluctantly, the homepage of my online microbiology class, which I am happy to report I will no longer have to visit after this month.

Here’s another thing I can report. It has been 76 days since my last post. I realize that no one, apart from me, cares to know this precise length of time between posts, but like any good (recovering) Catholic, I can’t seem to allow this passage of time to go unmarked or unfretted. So now we’ve got that out of the way.

Speaking of Catholicism…

A friend texted tonight to find out what I am doing, and the first word that popped into my head was leafing. I’ve mentioned before here that I am a lover of gerunds (go make the black bean soup from that old post if you haven’t yet). I am also an unapologetic lover of puns. At the time I received my friend’s text, I was scrolling through photos of leaves I took today. Literally leafing, get it?

I never told you I was good at puns.

Version 2
Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum, perhaps? Help! What is it?

I took pictures of leaves today as part of a project I’m taking on to label my favorite trees at my summer camp. Because we’ll be gearing up to move again [sadly, I still can’t tell you yet whether that will be to NYC or Boston], I can’t work as a counselor this summer. But the tree identification project is one that I can tackle in the few months I have left in Georgia, and the satisfaction of completing a project from start to finish has quite the pleasing ring to it right about now.

What kind of projects are you excited about?

6 thoughts on “leafing

    1. Thank you Lindsey! Friends like you have a huge gravitational pull in my life. Something I realized in moving “home” is that despite my disagreement with the weather there, Boston is our home now, no matter where else we might go.

  1. What lovely photos, Justine! So do we get to vote on where you move to? You know where my vote is! Would you be back near where you were before? Eric just started working at Shire in Lexington, so…you know…we are still around these parts. Keep us posted! And FWIW though I didn’t know the precise number of days since your last post, your absence was noticed. AHEM. 😉

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