read * hear * say * see * eat

read * hear * say * see * eat - heirloom mothering
Part of this article, “10 Simple Words Every Girl Should Learn”

My days of moving and cleaning involve little reading but much listening, so I hope you’ll enjoy some links to interesting podcasts I’ve been into lately.



  • Snap Judgment has shot to the top of my excitement chart when I log in to download new podcast episodes; I’ve been pondering this short story, Miniature Wife, for weeks
  • On Being is an excellent podcast; recently Krista Tippett interviewed Maria Popova, the creative genius behind Brain Pickings
  • The Longest Shortest Time, a podcast about parenting, is growing on me; try their recent episode, 65 Women and a Baby
  • Design Matters with Debbie Millman is another long-running show I’ve only recently learned about; her interview last year with Dani Shapiro left me jotting many notes on my pad
  • Dear Sugar Episode 12: The Wounded Child Within was one of my favorites so far
  • Two difficult but important interviews with the same writer, Barry Estabrook, who just published a book called Pig Tales about how pigs are treated in America. I recommend listening to both interviews: Fresh Air and Splendid Table
  • Another reason to look forward to moving to Atlanta is to sign up for a paper (yes, paper) newsletter featuring worthy restaurants; it is created by a French woman, who was interviewed for an episode of Gravy, the Southern Foodways Alliance podcast
  • The One You Feed podcast featured an interview with Carol Dweck, a psychologist whose work I’ve been following since I read NurtureShock, about the growth versus fixed mindset.




8 thoughts on “read * hear * say * see * eat

  1. I always enjoy your lists, Justine, and am especially excited about all your podcast recommendations since I have just discovered them for myself (yes, I know, so late in the game!) and can’t get enough. I’m rather obsessed with Beyond Your Blog editor interviews currently.

    Oh and I haven’t seen the new Netflix with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda yet but I want to!

      1. Re Grace & Frankie, me too! I’ve watched 4 so far. But I have to admit, that the first wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be, and just as my husband was like, I’m done, I stuck around for episode 2 and was quickly reeled in. I do love it now, though. Those ladies are AWESOME.

  2. I so appreciate your podcast ideas! I’m stuck in slate podcast land, which I enjoy, but probably could stand to branch out a bit. (I love Dear Sugar too though.)

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