read * hear * say * see * eat

read * hear * say * see * eat {9} - heirloom mothering
The Secret History of “Eeny Meeny…” in Paris Review, found via Lit Hub (thanks for the head’s up, Kristen!)

A great week of sunning, greeting, and catching up was had over here. I hope yours was nice too! Happy weekending. xoxo, j


  • There is so much to love in this David Sedaris New Yorker article about a family trip to the beach, I don’t know where to begin. The turtle porn, his dad’s hammertoes and Cherokee headdress and the way he snaps when happy, his mother in the locked bathroom wishing for five minutes of peace, the way he casually mentioned calling his beach home the “Sea Section”… Read it twice to catch all the gems.
  • April’s issue of Literary Mama is out, and I guess you could accuse me of bias, but who cares, it’s really good.
  • If you’re following the Anti-Vax movement, you might enjoy this honest article by a mom whose seven children contracted whooping cough this year. I empathize with her struggle to decide what to do, and I’m a broken record for saying so again, but I personally loved Dr. Sears’ The Vaccine Book.



  • I attended a talk on Wednesday evening, sponsored in part by the Social Action Committee at my church, which featured Nicholas Kristof. He spoke about using A Path Appears (see The Boston Globe book review here) to promote social justice in Belmont. The event deserves its own post, which I will follow up with soon. But for now, I’ll sum it up by saying it was inspiring to see four teens speak in public about issues important to them.



  • Well, beat my biscuits! Of the many reasons to love Ruth Reichl, none compare to her sharing my odd habit of collecting old cookbooks. Snap up your chance to learn more about cooking in Virginia, circa 1957.

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