read * hear * say * see * eat {6}

My cousin Alice lives in Portugal and cares for a farm of horses, cows, geese, ducks, and sometimes bees. I’ve lost track of how many. She posts gorgeous and adorable pictures of farm life—including the one above—on Instagram (@farmmeral).



  • Good ones this week! I’m sharing two very special episodes of This American Life, both on the topic of home and how it can influence what kind of life you have (#512: House Rules & #520: No Place Like Home).
  • A great companion to #520 is an older episode of Strangers called Alfredo Corchado: Midnight in Mexico about a Mexican-American immigrant who grew up the son of migrant farm workers and had an opportunity later in life to report on conditions in his home country.


  • I’m looking forward to—slash—dreading this session at Muse & The Marketplace, during which Steve Almond will read to the audience the first page of attendees’ manuscripts, while a panel of authors listen and stop him when they hear something don’t like and explain why. Trial by fire! Terrifying, but you wouldn’t miss it, right? I figured it was an event that would help make the costly price of admission worth it, so I signed up. GULP.


  • I get less out of Goop posts than I used to (read: official break-up below), but I did enjoy the “See” Netflix streaming series. I like this “best of movies” list and this list of foreign TV shows.
  • Monica Lewinsky’s 2015 TED Talk on the culture of shame. You can also read a summary of the discussion here. And did you read last year’s Vanity Fair article? Prior to reading that article, I hadn’t given her much thought after the late ’90’s and had probably laughed at some inappropriate jokes. I’m glad she’s opening up our eyes to the real story behind that media storm, i.e. the betrayal of her confidence by Linda Tripp and a public humiliation cyber-bullying on a scale never before seen in history.


  • I have a lady-crush on chef Vivian Howard, of the PBS show A Chef’s Life; I’m looking forward to strawberry season so I can make this late-spring arugula salad (“late-spring,” ha, that’s the end of June around here) via Cary Magazine
  • On the flip side of that lady-crush is my break-up with Goop over her beauty milk recipe. Note the ingredients include “lucuma” and “pearl.” Okay sure, no problem, let me go and find my…WAIT THAT IS BONKERS. But we all deserve a break, so in case you’re reading this Gwynnie…

3 thoughts on “read * hear * say * see * eat {6}

  1. Yk I didn’t finish that Lewinsky piece last year & while I made it farther along today, still holding my nose, I still quit before the end.

    She had bad behavior. She says their liaison was consensual, so that means they shared [something] & it was private, until she went around boasting to strangers, people who weren’t in that room & she lost control of the story that wasn’t hers to tell around and then she has the nerve to act wounded, to wonder how he can call her “That Woman?” She should have been shamed, shame on her.

    I’m going to stop blogging on yr blog now, girl xx

    1. Ha, I love you blogging on my blog. No doubt you are right, I was 18 when this all blew up and could not stop focusing on how she could do THAT with HIM. Now it’s too late for me to figure out what should and shouldn’t have happened, so I’m highly persuadable. Thx for bringing it around to evened out. xo

  2. So glad to be helpful both the friendship advice and The Mid tip. And um, I’m sort of obsessed with Steve Almond. That sounds very cool and totally terrifying. Can’t wait to hear about it!

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