Medium & red lipstick, inception-style

Did you read Robinson Meyer’s article about Medium in the Atlantic? I liked it, especially this paragraph:

“What is web writing in 2015?…Does its writer work for a big website like BuzzFeed...? It’s worth asking the question, because of course — of course — they don’t blog. Blogging — I mean, honey, don’t even say the word. No one actually blogs anymore, except maybe undergrads on their first week of study abroad. 2015 has been, so far, dismal for the art.”

I’ve been feeling this way about blogging as an art form for a while. When I stopped posting on The Lone Home Ranger and started posting here, I chafed against the idea that it was a new blog. In fact, I didn’t even call it a blog and still use the more generic ‘website,’ even though — minus the lack of advertising and side-bar buttons — it perfectly fits the blog definition. I can’t tell you why exactly. It’s not that I’ve stopped following blogs; I haven’t, and I love the blogs I follow now more than ever (with the exception of my all-time favorite, Becky’s terrific blog, which she stopped writing and which I still pine for often). It might just be that I’ve noticed free blogs are lagging when it comes to looking artistic.

I had heard about Medium a few times and seen Lindsey’s post last summer, but I’m not an early adopter so I tucked it away for later. After reading that Atlantic article a few weeks ago, I decided to play with Medium’s tools. For my first try, I revamped the look of my snow essay (n.b.: I’ll save you some reading time if you’ve read it before; the words are the same). I loved how intuitive it was to use, but what really sold me was how much BIGGER and easier the font is to read. Believe me, if I could figure out how to make my font bigger on the free WordPress platform, I would (so far, no dice).

When I found myself headed to my ‘website’ to dish girly details about my experience with red lipstick, I gravitated to Medium again instead. I had some pictures to share, and I love the way pictures can be embedded in new ways there. I’m not sure yet what that means. I like sharing the “what I like” lists, and you seem to like reading them; maybe what I’ll do is keep posting those here and the “story-like” posts will go on Medium. Maybe.

What I’ve got for you today is a sort of mise en abyme: I’m using this post to tell you about the post on Medium, where I tell you about yet a THIRD post that’s up today on Literary Mama. If this confuses you, just head on over to LM to read my After Page One submission. But if you’re as intrigued about Medium as I am and/or are interested in finding out more about how I learned to apply red lipstick, head to Medium as well. And if you’re feeling up to it after all that, let me know what you think of Medium!

Hand-me-down Vera Wang and red lips. Who is that lady?
Hand-me-down Vera Wang and red lips. Who is that lady?

2 thoughts on “Medium & red lipstick, inception-style

  1. I have been intrigued by Medium, but I don’t know if I can add one more thing to my to-do or must-do or whatever. Heading over to LM. (And will check out your piece on Medium, too.)

    1. I am so interested to learn your opinion. You are a “blogger” who comes to mind when I think of the model of how it should be, so I suspect Medium will be less for writers like you with their own brand than for those of us who mostly publish essays elsewhere.

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