read * hear * say * see * eat {3}


Image credit: The New Yorker


  • Are you listening to Dear Sugar yet? Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed’s smooth voices are hypnotic. I love it. Check out the fourth episode, which includes their insightful views on cheating in relationships. I have a different take on the subject, but I always appreciate their emotional intelligence.
  • Another favorite podcast I didn’t list in Mamalode is the TED Radio Hour. Guy Raz has a talent for distilling out the most salient points from TED talks and molding them into a shiny new tale. If you want a place to start, give a listen to the episode about what we fear. I loved the story of the folk singer, which made me wish I could begin every time I speak aloud with a joke about what an awful speaker I am. I somehow don’t think it would work the same way, though.
  • I’m finding writing inspiration from odd places. This week’s was in two archival interviews with musicians, Billy Joel via Here’s the Thing and Jack White via All Songs Considered. Whatever you think of their music, these men are certainly creative, and I ate up their fascinating views on writing. The older I get, the more I appreciate a good song lyric, and the more I see the process of making art, whether it be photography, paint, or words on a page, as similar in many ways (in that vein, I’m looking forward to getting my copy of The War of Art from the library).


  • No official word yet on how my LTYM audition went, but the unofficial version is that I was ushered out of the room about 0.2 seconds after I finished, soooo… here’s to trying new things! The show producers were lovely and kind to me as a new, not-so-good-reader-aloud-of-essays. Hope I get to take another whack at it soon. I want to get better!


  • A portrait of four sisters over forty years. Beautiful.
  • About the Frozen characters, “I’d kill ’em if I could.” Yep, that sounds about right.
  • The best thing about #SNL40 was it got me realizing I need to watch all the digital shorts again. For some reason NBC makes it super difficult to navigate their site yet keeps anyone else from posting them, so the best I can do is find a full list on Wikipedia and then search NBC using the name of the one I want to see. Lame, I know.


Let me know what you’re making, eating, seeing, reading, and listening to this week. I love this sharing cycle.


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