porch swingin’

Hi there! I am excited about starting this new website, which I think of as part digital business card, part writing space. It’s my virtual front porch swing. You can find out more about me & this site here.

As I weave my yarns into essays, I will come here to share my stories with you, whoever you might be. If I had a mason jar with a cold drink in it, I’d thrust it in your hand too.

I think what I am most excited about is using this WordPress platform, which I’ve heard is much better with comments. I hope you’ll share your thoughts, opinions, and stories with me! I will try my best to stick with a Tuesday posting schedule so that you can know when to expect something new from me. Not every week, but on those wonderful moments life cooperates with our grand schemes. Let the porch swingin’ begin.

Heirloom Mothering - Justine Uhlenbrock
Not my front porch. But one can dream…

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